To safeguard your information, it will be encrypted during transmission over the Internet. Three levels of encryption can be used with this site: 40-bit, 56-bit, and 128-bit encryption. To secure the privacy of your application, we recommend you use the domestic version of the browser (56-bit and 128-bit encryption), which has enhanced encryption features. Current laws and regulations allow only U.S. and Canadian citizens to use 128-bit encryption.

While you are online, the browser is using part of the computer's memory to store the contents of all the Web pages visited. If you leave the browser open, someone could possibly use this memory to access your private information. When you close the browser, the memory it used is cleared. If you do not want to close the browser but want to safeguard the information and prevent another user from viewing what you entered, you should clear the browser's cache memory after completing the FAFSA.

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