Some reject reasons are verifiable–that is, the questionable data can be confirmed or it can be corrected to a different value. Other reject reasons are not verifiable–the questionable data must be changed (or provided if the previous response was blank). In all reject situations, the questioned information is highlighted on the Student Aid Report (SAR) and an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is not calculated.

An FAA can override certain rejects using FAA Access to CPS Online. If a reject is hit upon completing a FAFSA or correction, you will be given an opportunity to change the questionable data or to confirm that the data is correct.

If you are making corrections to a rejected SAR, you can override rejects by entering changes in the “Enter Correct Value” column. If you need to confirm a specific ISIR value, re-enter that value in the “Enter Correct Value” field. If you would like to delete a specific ISIR value, select the “Correct to Blank” check box for that field.

Refer to the ISIR Guide for a table of reject reasons and the appropriate resolution for each.