If you leave the school name blank, search on words such as a single letter, or enter a city, it is likely to result in a long list of schools. To help you locate the correct school on the list, select a sorting option from the dropdown box.

You can sort your High School Code Search using the following 3 options:

By default, the search results are initially sorted by Best Match. The Best Match sorting option displays the search results in order of relevance – that is, the results that most closely match the search criteria you entered are displayed at the top of the search results list, with the result that matches your search criteria the best displaying first in the list, followed by the next closest match, and so on. Search results that have the same relevancy are then listed in alphabetical order. For example, if you search for schools in California that contain the school name keyword “George Washington,” then all of the schools in California that have the exact phrase “George Washington” in their names will display at the top of your search results list, in alphabetical order.