From the Selection Criteria screen, click the Enter SSNs button.

  1. Enter the SSN, Name ID (first 2 letters of the last name), and Transaction Number for the student ISIR you want to request.

Note: If you entered information in the Transaction Number field on the Selection Criteria screen, you will not be allowed to enter individual Transaction Numbers on this page. If you would like to enter individual Transaction Numbers for each ISIR you are requesting, go back to the Selection Criteria screen and clear the Transaction Number field.

  1. If more than 5 SSNs need to be entered, click on the Add SSNs button to provide 5 additional spaces for entry. You may request as many ISIRs as you choose by using Add SSNs to open up as many additional spaces as needed.
  2. Once you have entered information for all of the ISIRs you want to receive, click the SSN Entry Complete button. This will return you to the Selection Criteria screen.

Note: If you want to remove some, but not all, of the SSNs that you entered, return to the SSN Entry page by clicking the Enter SSNs button and clearing the data associated with those SSNs you wish to delete. If you wish to remove all SSNs that you’ve entered, click the Remove SSNs button on the Selection Criteria page.