Each record must contain only the nine-digit Social Security Number (SSN) and the 2-character Name ID of the ISIR you want to request.

Every line of data must contain only one record. Do not use hyphens, spaces*, or empty lines.



The maximum SSN File size allowed is 1.5 MB, which is approximately 10,000 records.

Note: You may include the Transaction Number after each Name ID to receive a specific transaction for the student. This step is optional. However, if the Transaction Number is not included, the CPS will use the information you entered in the Transaction Number and Transaction Number Qualifier fields on the Selection Criteria screen to determine which ISIR transaction(s) to include in the ISIR file. If you do not select a value for this field, and you do not enter a Transaction Number on the SSN Entry screen or SSN file, all ISIR transactions will be returned to you.

* If the student does not have a last name, enter two (2) spaces.