The ISIR Request feature allows a user to request a single ISIR or a specified group of ISIRs from the CPS. Destinations have the option to stop receiving all ISIRs automatically and start receiving only those ISIRs that they request from the ISIR Datamart.

The default ISIR delivery method is the automatic daily receipt. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the default ISIR delivery method you do not need to make any changes. Users who select the automatic daily receipt can also request ISIRs at any time through the ISIR Request feature.

If you would like to stop receiving all ISIRs automatically, you will need to change your ISIR delivery method by going to the SAIG Enrollment Site at and updating your CPS Services. You can make this change at any time.

Some ISIRs will continue to be sent to you automatically even if you choose to stop the automatic delivery method. These ISIRs are the result of CPS reprocessing, NSLDS post-screening, secondary DHS confirmation, a change in hold status, or a duplicate request if the NSLDS match data has changed.

Although the options provided to schools through the ISIR Datamart are extensive, we want to remind you that you are obligated to obtain ISIRs for all eligible students who enroll at your school.

We highly recommend that you develop a process for requesting ISIRs from the Datamart that takes into account your ongoing student admissions process as well as the tracking and monitoring of existing students with “paid-on” ISIR transactions.

Your school must review all “pushed” ISIRs and assess any potential impact to your students’ aid eligibility, regardless of whether or not you select the “daily” ISIR distribution.

Schools that elect to not receive “daily” ISIRs, and instead request specific ISIR transactions from the Datamart, must continue to review ISIR transactions for all enrolled students.

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