1. Enter the SSN and Name ID (first 2 letters of last name), and select the appropriate Identity Verification Results for the students for whom you are reporting:
      1 = Verification completed in person, no issues found
      2 = Verification completed remotely, no issues found
      3 = Verification attempted, issues found with identity
      4 = Verification attempted, issues found with HS completion
      5 = No response from applicant or unable to locate
      6 = Verification attempted, issues found with both identity and HS completion
  2. If results for more than 5 students need to be entered, click on the Enter More Results button to provide 5 additional spaces for entry.
  3. Once you have entered results for all of the students you want to report, click the Results Entry Complete button.

Note: If you wish to remove all results that you’ve entered manually, click the Remove Results button on the Results Entry Options page.