The standalone FAA signature feature enables the Financial Aid Administrator (FAA) to submit a signature flag when an application is in the Signature Hold status. To get to this option:

  1. Select Student Inquiry from the FAA Main Menu.
  2. If the initial transaction is not processed, you are automatically directed to the Application Found page. If the initial transaction has already been processed and a subsequent transaction is missing signatures, you are taken to the Transactions page and asked if you would like to “view the status.” The Application Found page will be available for 14 days or until the transaction is processed.
  3. At the Application Found page, if the student or parent signatures are missing from the record and your school code is on the application, an Apply Signatures button is available.
  4. When the button is clicked, a page displays for the FAA to provide a signature flag for the student, parent, or both the student and parent. This page also contains a link to “view the signature page” and a Submit button to submit the signatures. You can print the signature page to keep for your records under regular record retention rules. You must have the signed signature page before indicating that the transaction is signed.
  5. A successful submission will display a confirmation page.