Corrections on the Web through FAA Access to CPS Online allows you to make corrections to any field on the ISIR.

You have the option of correcting an ISIR value by entering the new value in the associated “Enter Correct Value” field, deleting an ISIR value by selecting the “Correct to Blank” check box, or confirming that a selected ISIR value is correct by re-entering that value in the “Enter Correct Value” field. If you choose the “Correct to Blank” check box and enter a value in the “Enter Correct Value” field the blank value will be submitted. If an ISIR value does not need to be corrected or confirmed, leave the “Enter Correct Value” field blank and do not select the “Correct to Blank” check box for the associated field. Unlike the other questions, ISIR values for the Federal School Codes and Housing Plans will pre-populate in the “Enter Correct Value” column. Corrections will not be submitted for these fields unless you modify the pre-populated values.

Note: If an ISIR value cannot be left blank, there will not be a “Correct to Blank” option available.

Note: If any values were assumed when we processed the application, we will display both the reported values and the assumed values. Values that were assumed when processing the application are marked with an asterisk (*) on the left side of the entry box. Other fields may display values that have been previously corrected. A pound sign (#) indicates data fields that were corrected on the selected ISIR transaction. An “at” symbol (@) indicates that the data element was corrected on a previous transaction.

The Calculate EFC button on the correction entry screen enables you to run field validations and end of application edits to validate the application’s data. Any invalid answers or inconsistencies will be detected by these edits and you will have to correct the specific field(s). Once all field validations and end of application edits are successfully run, a “successful check” page will display with an estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

In addition to an estimated EFC, the “successful check” page displays intermediate EFC values and all application data. An ampersand (&) to the right of a field value indicates that the value was confirmed on the correction entry screen. An asterisk (*) to the left of a field value indicates that an assumption was made when the estimated EFC was calculated.

Open Another Student’s Record allows you to return to the Make Corrections login screen to open another student’s record, rather than returning to the main menu.

The List Changes button on the correction entry screen enables you to list the fields that changed or were confirmed on the current correction.

To submit corrections, click the Submit button. The Submit button is available from the correction entry screen, the “List of Changes” page, and the “successful check” page. If a “real-time” correction was done (none of the data that was corrected resulted in a need for the transaction to be sent for data matches), the “Submission Confirmation page” displays the new EFC. If data matches are required based on the corrected fields, the “Submission Confirmation page” displays an estimated EFC.