The FAA application entry process is simple and straightforward. The application page is presented with several control buttons found at the lower right part of the page which include Print Signature Page/FAFSA Summary, Calculate EFC, Open Another Student's Record, and Submit.

Calculate EFC enables you to run field validations and end of application edits to validate the application's data. Any invalid answers or inconsistencies will be detected by these edits and you will have to correct the specific field(s). Once all field validations and end of application edits are successfully run, a “successful check” page will display with an estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC), intermediate EFC values, and monthly EFC values.

Open Another Student’s Record allows you to return to the FAFSA/Renewal Application login screen to open another student’s record, rather than returning to the main menu.

The Submit button performs the same validation and end of application edits as the “Calculate EFC” function with the exception that no “successful check” page with an estimated EFC will be returned to you. Instead, the application is submitted right away.

The Print Signature Page/FAFSA Summary button allows you to print a hard copy of the application’s signature page in order to collect the student’s (and the parent’s, if applicable) signature for validation of certification purposes. After printing the signature page and FAFSA summary, the Next button will take you back to the application entry page.

Note: A successful submission will display a printable confirmation page, which contains a confirmation number as proof of submittal as well as a calculated EFC. This page will also include an option for you to go back to the application login page to start a brand new application, or go back to the FAA Access to CPS Online main menu.