The browsers listed below have been certified for use with FAFSA on the Web. If you choose to use a browser other than the ones listed here, the site's pages may not display properly, and you may encounter problems while entering your application that Customer Service may not be able to resolve.

Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers:

Internet Explorer 11 and above

Mozilla Firefox browsers:

Mozilla Firefox 45 and above

Apple Safari browsers:

Apple Safari 10 and above

Google Chrome browsers:

Google Chrome (most current version)

Opera browsers:

Opera 42 and above
Opera Mobile

Browser Default Settings
To safeguard your application information and ensure that FAFSA on the Web works properly, make sure your browser is set up with the manufacturer’s default settings. Click the link below for the browser you are using to determine the default settings for your particular browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
System Requirements

Mozilla Firefox
System Requirements

Apple Safari
System Requirements

Google Chrome
System Requirements

System Requirements