This video helps your parent work on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) without using your FSA ID.

The key to completing a FAFSA with your parent when you aren't together is something called the Save Key. The Save Key is a short, temporary password you can give someone when it is time for them to work on your FAFSA. Here's how it works:

  1. Start a FAFSA at Click on Start A New FAFSA.
  2. On the “Login” page, either you can start a FAFSA with your FSA ID (on the left) or your parent can start it with your name, Social Security Number and date of birth (on the right).
  3. Whoever starts the FAFSA will be prompted to create a Save Key. Make a note of it.
  4. Whenever the first person is done with their part, save the FAFSA and close out of it.
  5. Give the other person the Save Key. Then that person can use the Save Key to get into the partially completed FAFSA and do his or her part. A parent can get in by entering your (the student's) identifiers on the right side of the “Login” screen and never needs to use your FSA ID.
  6. When everyone is done with their parts of the FAFSA, be sure to click SUBMIT MY FAFSA NOW at the bottom of the “Sign and Submit” page. You are not done until you see the “Confirmation” page, which you should read and save for your records. If your parent has another child in school, there is a link on the “Confirmation” page to start a new FAFSA for that child, allowing your parent to transfer much of their information and save time.

It is very important that you and your parent create and use your own FSA IDs. The FSA ID acts as a legal signature and should not be shared. Letting someone else create your FSA ID is not allowed and can create problems and delays with your financial aid. For more information or to create your own FSA ID, go to

If your parent does not have a Social Security Number, he or she will not be able to get an FSA ID. In that case your parent will print, sign, and mail in a paper signature page.