FAA Access to CPS Online

FAA Access to CPS Online

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Welcome to the FAA Main Menu

Select an option from the following menu. It will be necessary to provide the TG# for your Destination Point and your Federal School Code:

  • Student Inquiry
    View a student's Student Aid Report (SAR) information, including the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), NSLDS information, and SAR Comments. Compare two ISIR transactions for the same student using ISIR Compare. Submit a signature flag for an application in a signature hold status using the Standalone FAA Signature feature.
  • Application Entry
    Enter a student's FAFSA/Renewal Application or Correction data and submit it to the CPS for processing.
  • Restore a Saved Application
    Restore a partially completed and saved FAFSA/Renewal Application or Correction and submit it to the CPS for processing.
  • Identity Verification Results
    Provide the required results of identity and high school completion status verification efforts.
  • ISIR Request
    Request ISIR data.
  • Return of Title IV Funds on the Web
    Calculate and manage the return of Title IV funds. Data is collected, and the Return of Title IV Funds is calculated according to ED's Student Assistance General Provisions.

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